Auxiliary module of gate configuration introduction

Views: 418 Update date: May 31,2022

The gate is mainly composed of box, barrier, movement, control module and auxiliary module, and the auxiliary module is essential for the gate to realize various functions. For example, there are pedestrian detection modules responsible for pedestrian traffic detection, alarm modules responsible for security alarm, etc. The following doorways will give you a detailed introduction to the composition and functions of the gate auxiliary modules.

1. Gate pedestrian detection module:
It is used to identify the passing status of pedestrians, judge whether pedestrians are passing legally, and judge whether pedestrians are within the movement range of the blocking body, so as to protect the personal safety of pedestrians. It is mainly determined by hardware sensor and software recognition algorithm.

2. Gate LCD indication module:
It is generally composed of LCD dot matrix or LCD display screen, which is used to indicate the traffic status and direction of the gate. Some also include text or patterns and other prompt messages and welcome messages.

3. Gate counting module:
It is used to record the number of people passing through the gate, which can be displayed through LED nixie tube or display screen, and can be reset and set the upper limit of counting.

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