Smart round screen application

With the change of smart life, smart home appliances are becoming more and more abundant to meet the needs of different people. Many smart home appliances use touch screens, which are easy to operate and experience multiple functions. We professionally produce various round LCD modules, such as: 1.28inch round lcd module, 1.6inch/2.1inch/2.8inch/3.4inch/4.0inch

Size: 1.28inch

Resolution: 240*240

Interface: SPI/MCU

Luminance: 400-1000nits

Size: 1.28/1.6/2.1/2.8/3.4/4.0

widely used: Kitchen electric knob switch, smart instrument , air quality sensor, Time Card Machinesroll machine, smart audio, wearable application etc.

Smart home is the embodiment of the Internet of things under the influence of the Internet. It can be defined as a process or a system, which belongs to a branch of smart wearable devices. Automation, an efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly living environment integrating system, structure, service and management.

Smart Home (Smart Home) It uses advanced computer technology, embedded technology, network communication technology, and integrated wiring technology to organically combine various subsystems related to home life.

The smart home defined by the Home Automation Association (HAA, Home Automation Association) is: a process that uses different methods or devices to improve people's ability to live and make the family more comfortable, safe and effective.

The State of the Smart Home

The traditional smart home (Figure 1-1) covers smart home appliance control, smart lighting control, smart security, smart audio-visual, etc. It has been widely used in different levels in some countries at the end of the last century and the beginning of this century. The smart home based on the Internet of Things (Figure 1-2) can be said to be a smart home with remote and wireless technology as the main carrier formed after the detonation of the smart wear industry. It mainly covers remote monitoring, home healthcare and guardianship, information service, online education, and various expanded applications of joint smart communities and smart cities on the basis of traditional smart homes, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Smart home appliance control

Smart home appliances occupy an important position in the traditional smart home system. It mainly realizes the control of air conditioners, water heaters, and drinking water through remote control, phone control, computer remote control, timing control, wearable device control, and scene adaptation. Intelligent control of machines, TVs, electric curtains and other equipment. Users can freely configure and add home appliance control nodes according to their own needs. The realization of this function not only brings convenience to users, but also saves energy to a certain extent.

2. Intelligent lighting control

The change of light and shadow is an important means to create the current home environment. The emergence of intelligent lighting adds a touch of mystery to the personalized life of the home. It mainly replaces traditional switches with smart switches, so as to realize inductive control of home lights and create any ambient atmosphere and light switch scenes. It can realize any lighting scene mode, whether it is the projection light of the home theater, the light of a romantic dinner, the scene light of a friend gathering, or the light of reading the newspaper after dinner on a quiet weekend, etc. When you go out or work overtime, the light will automatically adjust to the corresponding mode. In addition, the intelligent lighting control system will automatically adjust the indoor lighting according to the external light throughout the day, and automatically adjust the indoor lighting according to different time periods throughout the day.

3. Intelligent audio and video

After talking about smart lighting, we must talk about smart audio and video. Smart home can control indoor DVD/VCR/satellite TV/cable TV and other audio-visual equipment, including volume/channel/preset/pause/fast forward, etc. Realize all-round control anytime, anywhere. And according to the specific life scene, the audio-visual matching effect can be freely converted to make home life more enjoyable. The current popular smart TV is one of the important carriers in the smart audio-visual system.

4. Intelligent security

Residential security has always been the focus of attention. Smart security is an important part of smart home, and it is also the primary requirement of residents for smart home systems. Smart security mainly refers to the three-dimensional defense system composed of various security detectors in the smart home security system (such as smoke, motion detection, glass breakage detection, door magnetism, etc.), access control, video intercom, and monitoring recording. For example: video intercom can enable users to observe visitors very clearly, so as to confirm that they all open the door remotely. When encountering danger or detecting potential danger, the alarm system will automatically send the alarm information to the community property, and send the alarm information to the user in the form of a phone call or text message. The smart security system used in conjunction with wearable devices will realize the intelligence and security of smart security to a greater extent.

5. Remote monitoring based on the Internet of Things, home medical monitoring and education based on the Internet of Things

With the continuous development and improvement of Internet of Things technology, the traditional smart home category has been further expanded. The smart home system realizes remote visitation by remotely controlling the camera in the home through IE or mobile phone on the telecom broadband platform. In addition, residents can also control home appliances through IE or smart phones, wearable devices, etc. For example, remotely control the rice cooker to cook, boil the bath water in advance, turn on the air conditioner in advance to adjust the indoor temperature, and so on.

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