The 4K resolution single LCD intelligent projection is expected to come into the market next year

Views: 383 Update date: May 30,2022
According to statistics, since the first half of this year, the proportion of sales of single LCD intelligent projector models of more than 1000 yuan and products of more than 500 lumens has increased significantly, and the core indicators such as brightness continue to rise. For example, Xiaoming, Xiaoguo, a sub brand of Nuts, and Haqu, a sub brand of Dangbei, are further raising the performance limit of single LCD projection, introducing 800 lumens+intelligent projection, and supporting the market positioning to 1700-2300 yuan market to start product layout and R&D innovation.

From the current situation, the upgrading of single LCD intelligent projection quality is very firm and decisive, and has formed a "anxious" competition situation with DLP in the range of about 2000 yuan.

In addition, in terms of brand scale, the single LCD intelligent projection camp is no longer just a "emerging electronic brand", but has joined nut, Fengmi, Dangbei and other Chinese DLP projection head brands to begin to pay a lot of money for LCD projection products, brands and channels. At the same time, TV giants like Konka and Skyworth (Cookai) are also shifting their focus to the layout of single LCD intelligent projection. It can be said that in terms of brand scale recognition, single LCD intelligent projection is in full swing.

Therefore, no matter from the core dimensions of product technology result upgrading or brand camp, the trend of comprehensive competition against DLP technology has been formed for single LCD intelligent projection in 2022.

With the success of the monolithic LCD in the market scale, more brands will be driven to "close" to the single LCD projection more actively.

It has been revealed that some smart projection head brands intend to stock LCD chips in large quantities next year, and substantially increase LCD projection R&D personnel to arrange self-developed production of LCD projectors, so as to meet the hot trend of single LCD projection.

An industry personage analyzed and said to Audiovisual Circle that some top brands are so "bold" to single LCD projection. On the one hand, it is because of the homeopathic market; On the other hand, the upstream suppliers of single LCD intelligent projection in the industrial chain have more choices.

It is reported that, unlike DLP technology, which is exclusively monopolized by Texas Instruments (TI), the upstream suppliers of single LCD intelligent projection chips are very "rich", and almost all suppliers who can make LCD panels can provide single LCD projection chips. At present, BOE, Youshang and other industry panel enterprises have made a comprehensive cut in, which undoubtedly gives more terminal manufacturers more choices.

Moreover, driven by the entire upstream and downstream suppliers, the upgrading of the single LCD intelligent projection technology is further accelerated, not only in the brightness close to kilolumens, but also in the resolution of this core index last year and next year. It is reported that 4K resolution single LCD intelligent projection is expected to be launched in the first half of next year. At that time, the "front to back" form of single LCD projection and DLP intelligent projection will become more cohesive.

In this way, the next "attack" of single LCD intelligent projection is more fierce. In particular, the scale value balance is further inclined to the monolithic LCD, and the performance of monolithic LCD products is further developed. It can be predicted that the "scuffle" between DLP and single LCD in the smart home market will become fiercer and fiercer. It is believed that this will also stimulate DLP technology to be more active in the layout of intelligent projection chips.

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