What are square monitors good for?

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Square monitors, also known as 1:1 aspect ratio monitors, were more common in the past, but they still have certain use cases where they can be beneficial:

Graphic Design and Photo Editing: Square monitors can be useful for graphic designers and photographers who work with images that are often in a square format. It allows them to see their work in a more natural representation without having to deal with additional screen real estate that might not be used effectively.

Coding and Text Editing: Square monitors can be helpful for programmers who write and edit code. Many lines of code don't require a wide screen, and having a square monitor can provide a more balanced view of code with fewer distractions.

Social Media and Mobile App Development: With the rise of social media platforms and mobile apps that often use square layouts, having a square monitor can be convenient for developers and content creators working on these platforms.
Square LCD Screen
Data Visualization: Square monitors can be beneficial for visualizing data, particularly when working with square or equal-height and width charts and graphs.

Vintage or Retro Gaming: Some gamers enjoy the nostalgic experience of playing older video games that were designed for square CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors. A square monitor can provide a more authentic gaming experience in such cases.

Space Efficiency: Square monitors can be more space-efficient, making them suitable for workstations with limited desk space.

It's important to note that square monitors are less common in today's market, and most content and applications are designed for widescreen displays. As a result, you may need to consider how well a square monitor aligns with your specific needs and whether it's worth any potential limitations in terms of content compatibility and productivity. 
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