What are the features of lcd touch screen for outdoor device?

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LCD touch screens are common used for new energy charging piles, gas stations, bank cash machines, video doorbells, meters, racing cars, etc. Soe what are the features of lcd touch screen for outdoor device?

Strong durability and safety performance

The lcd touch screen on the outdoor device usually needs to withstand the harsh outdoor environment, so the touch cover glass needs to have high durability and good impact resistance, which can resist the abrasion and impact in daily use, so the thickness of the glass It is usually recommended to choose ≧3mm. For example, the impact resistance of 3mm glass can reach IK08 level (that is, the surface glass will not break when a 500g steel ball falls from a height of 1 meter, and the LCD can be protected).

Anti-reflective and high brightness

Outdoor device usually needs to be used under strong light, and its glass cover needs to have anti-reflection ability to reduce the interference of light reflection on users. At this time, AG anti-glare glass just solves the problem of anti-reflection and does not change the glass itself. The transmittance is >89%, which can ensure that users can clearly see the operation interface, followed by the use of high-brightness LCD module.

UV resistant
Outdoor device needs to be UV resistant and able to be exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time without fading or deforming. There is no problem with the glass material itself, but the printing ink needs to stand the test, so it needs anti-UV ink, which can pass the anti-ultraviolet aging test for 1500 hours.
Anti-fingerprint pollution and easy to clean
For example, charging pile equipment needs to be in frequent contact with human hands, and its glass cover needs to have the ability to resist fingerprint pollution, reduce fingerprints and stains, and be easy to clean. AF anti-fingerprint coating just solves this problem. It can reduce fingerprints and clean it conveniently and quickly.

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