What is the brightness of an LCD display?

Views: 140 Update date: Jan 05,2024
The brightness of an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is typically measured in nits (candelas per square meter, cd/m²). Nits represent the unit of luminance, which is the amount of light emitted or reflected from a surface.

The brightness of an LCD display can vary widely depending on the specific model and manufacturer. Lower-end monitors or devices might have brightness levels around 200 to 300 nits, while high-end displays, especially those designed for professional use or HDR (High Dynamic Range) content, can reach brightness levels of 1000 nits or more.
LCD display
In laptops, computer monitors, and TVs, higher brightness levels are often desirable for better visibility in well-lit environments or for HDR content, which requires a higher dynamic range. However, excessive brightness in a dark environment can be uncomfortable for the eyes, so adjusting the brightness to suit the viewing conditions is recommended.
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