What is the difference between touch digitizer and LCD screen?

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A touch digitizer and an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen are two distinct components of a modern touchscreen device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Here's the difference between them:

LCD Screen:

* The LCD screen is the display component of the device.
It is responsible for showing images, videos, text, and other visual content.
LCD screens work by manipulating light through liquid crystals to create the images you see.

LCD screens do not inherently detect touch input; they only display visual information.

lcd touch screen

Touch Digitizer:

The touch digitizer, often referred to as a touch panel or touchscreen, is the layer on top of the LCD screen.
* Its primary function is to detect touch inputs from the user.
Touch digitizers can use various technologies such as capacitive, resistive, or infrared to sense touch.
When you touch the screen, the digitizer translates your touch into electrical signals that the device's software interprets as commands (like tapping, swiping, etc.).
Touch digitizers can be integrated into the LCD screen (as in most modern smartphones) or can be a separate layer (as in some older devices or certain industrial applications).

In summary, the LCD screen displays visual content, while the touch digitizer detects touch inputs, allowing users to interact with the device's interface.
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