What is the point of a square monitor?

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Square monitors, while less common nowadays, used to serve specific purposes in the past:

Legacy Systems Compatibility: Square monitors were prevalent during the early days of computing when CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors were standard. Many older computer systems and software applications were designed with a square aspect ratio in mind. Thus, square monitors were essential for compatibility with these systems.

Graphic Design and CAD Work: Some professionals, particularly graphic designers and CAD (computer-aided design) engineers, preferred square monitors for their work. Square screens provided a more symmetrical layout, which could be advantageous when working with certain types of graphics or design projects.

Document Viewing: Square monitors were also favored by some professionals for document viewing. Documents, such as spreadsheets, often fit better on square screens without needing to scroll horizontally, making them more convenient for certain office tasks.

Square LCD Screen

However, with the evolution of technology and the widespread adoption of widescreen displays, the need for square monitors has diminished. Widescreen monitors offer more screen real estate horizontally, which is often preferred for multimedia consumption, gaming, and productivity tasks that involve side-by-side application usage or multitasking.

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